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University Professor: “As A White American, I Am, By Definition, A Racist”

A University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB) professor has outed herself as a racist during a guest appearance for a University of Wisconsin-Madison webinar that focused on, “Undoing White Supremacy in the Language Disciplines.” The lecture was obtained and uploaded to the Internet by Campus Reform.

When you go to introduce yourself to someone new, you might start by saying something ordinary such as “Hello, my name is Bob,” or “Hi, my name is Sally.”

From there, you might tell this stranger a little bit about yourself. Maybe you mention your occupation or your hobbies. Maybe you tell this stranger an amusing anecdote surrounding an event that happened over the last couple days. Maybe you even pay the new acquaintance a compliment about their hairstyle.

During the introduction phase, you are seeking common ground. “Oh, you like to collect matchbox cars too?” “Oh, I am also into yoga.” “I, too, have had to wait forever at the checkout line at that grocery store.” “Yes, I have three children of my own.”

For UCSB Professor and Chair of the Department of Linguistics, Mary Bucholtz, the apparent effort to find commonality is to proudly proclaim that you are a racist.

“I am personally committed to continuing to learn how to be less racist. As a White American, I am by definition racist. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know there is this sort of rhetoric of White people in the United States rejecting the label of racism but I think we need to acknowledge that, and do better.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was famous for his speech in which he hoped to one day live in a country in which people were judged based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Unfortunately, the Left is walking any progress made in this area backwards as they judge people based on their skin color rather than their character.

As a little tip for Professor Bucholtz, being white does not automatically make you a racist. If you have racist tendencies, it’s because you are a racist person. That is your character. You can’t blame that on your skin color.

Listen to the lecture below:

Image Source: YouTube Video Screenshot

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