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[VIDEO] Andrew Wilkow Discusses The Alarming Efforts By The Left To Include Pedophilia In The LGBQT Lineup

Children is not a ‘gender.’

Children is not a ‘preference.’

There is no such thing as a ‘consenting child.’

These are basic facts that most rational adults would agree with in order to protect the most vulnerable among us. We do not allow children to drink, smoke, or vote because we recognize that their brains are not fully developed and they are not capable of making informed decisions of this nature.

Why, then, is the Far-Left trying to push pedophilia as a ‘sexual orientation?’

The Blaze’s Andrew Wilkow discuses the Left’s attempts to include MAPs (Minor Attracted Person) into the LGBTQ lineup with Journalist Chadwick Moore. You can watch the interview below:


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