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[VIDEO] AOC Gets Roasted With Musical Parody

The fresh face of the Democrat Party, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, gets roasted with this musical parody published by the Blaze TV.


Often times, our inbox is loaded with such comments as:

“Why do you give AOC so much attention?”

“I don’t understand why AOC gets so much coverage.”

“I don’t want to hear any more about AOC!”

Usually, we do not do this, but because we get so many comments about the fresh face of the Democrat Party, we thought it best to explain our reasoning.

AOC is a gold mine of material. Yes, she has a degree in economics and yet utters statements that make no economic sense. Things like suggesting the unemployment numbers were so good during the early years of Donald Trump because people had multiple jobs. Or explaining how to pay for her multi-trillion dollar proposal of Medicare for all by saying, “Just pay for it.” 

Yes, she has no clue on certain foreign policy matters, as shown with this clip that never gets old:

Yes, she says stupid things like suggesting their is a monster in her apartment when she flips on the garbage disposal for the first time.

There is a mountain of material to suggest that she is not exactly the brightest beer-slinging bulb to come from whatever bar the Democratic Socialists of America picked her from.

The problem is, and this is why we give her coverage, is that she is one of only a few hundred Americans who are charged with the spending of a multi-trillion dollar budget that effects the lives of all who live in the nation. It’s important to keep hammering at the incompetence and the socialist tendencies in the hopes that some of her supporters will realize the mistake they made and correct that mistake during the next election cycle.


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