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(Video) Candace Owens Comes Out To Her Parents As A Conservative

If you have been following politics, you have likely come across a conservative political commentator and activist named Candace Owens.

Her brand of whip-smart commentary mixed with humor has been a winning formula that has created viral Tweets, panel segments, and videos.

Check out just one of Candace’s awesome videos where she “comes out” to her parents as a conservative:

Aside from the state of politics, if you have just been watching the United States itself, you may have noticed a fundamental change as well.

Disagreement with a Democrat is now identified as hate-speech and whoever voices that disagreement is now a Nazi.

In New York, legislators clapped and cheered as they passed a law that allowed an abortion up to the moment of birth.

In the state of California, straws are banned in an effort to “save the planet.”

However, California is also a state that illegal immigration is perfectly legal. A term with “illegal” actually built into the name is considered by California’s politicians to be legal.

In some areas of California, specifically Nancy Pelosi’s district of San Francisco, “safe” injections sites were made available for heroine users to shoot the illegal substance into their bodies under the watchful eye of a medical doctor.

Across the country, a battle is being waged over how many genders there are and what bathrooms people should be using.

Taxes are skyrocketing in Democrat strongholds where, if you can use it, it can be taxed.

Antisemitism is making a comeback with some Democrat congressional leaders actually making the anti-Israel remarks.

There is a growing trend among the youth in which Socialism is being seen as the ideal system of government and that Capitalism has failed.

A major political party, that made the case for a border wall a mere decade ago, is now arguing for completely open borders and lax immigration laws.

Social media is now a place where conservatives are regularly shut down “accidentally” for making common sense statements.

The list continues, and it’s unclear when exactly these changes came about. Some might blame the community organizer from Hawaii who spent his college years in the Choom Gang and seeking out the “Marxist Professors and structural feminists.” After all, he did promise a fundamental transformation of the United States.

Some might blame the organizations that supported that community organizer.

Others might look to the education system and the social justice warrior agendas being pushed there.


Whatever the cause, the fact is that the country has changed. Its values have shifted. Its central beliefs have altered.

It is for these reasons and more that Donald J. Trump won a campaign promising to “Make America Great Again.”

What do you think? Has the United States changed in your eyes from what it used to be?



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