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[VIDEO] Joe Biden’s Most Awkward Gaffes

They don’t call Joe Biden a gaffe machine for nothing.

Here’s a collection of the best of Joe Biden’s blunders, gaffes, and outright racist statements.

Here you will see he’s just a man of the people as he calls a member of his audience a “dog-faced pony soldier.”

You will be shown his supreme understanding of economics as he flawlessly rattles off figures like million-billion, er, billion, trillion-million million, billion, trillion… it’s a lot.

You’ll see his empathy as he tells a wheelchair-bound man to stand up and then laughs when he realizes his mistake.

You’ll also see a little bit of Joe Biden’s eloquence as he introduces “Barack America.”

Finally, Biden discusses biology as he ‘promises you’ that Barack Obama has a “big stick.” He promises you.

Check it out below and keep in mind that this is the best and brightest that the Democrats had to offer:


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