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[VIDEO] Michelle Malkin Took Down The Ladies On The View And It Was Awesome

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Michelle Malkin knew she was going to be in hostile territory with her appearance on the View, but didn’t let that stop her from taking ultra-Liberal Joy Behar down a few pegs.

This interview is somewhat old, during the time when Malkin was promoting her book Culture of Corruption, but it demonstrates how awesome it is when Conservatives stand their ground against Liberals.

During the interview, Behar is challenging almost every statement out of Malkin’s mouth, interrupting her, and trying to throw her.

It’s clear that Behar isn’t interested in learning anything about her guest, or even cares what the guest has to say, but was instead using it as an opportunity to try to make a Conservative look bad.

In fact, it’s a common trait among those who put their faith in people rather than principles that they are going not going to be interested in hearing negatives about those people.

Much like fans of a particular sports franchise, those who worship politicians from either political party are going to excuse and justify negative and corrupt behavior.

Elizabeth Hasselback begins the interview by asking Malkin about the title of the book Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies.

Malkin starts in by explaining some of the examples of corruption including tax cheats and botched nominations, but Behar jumps in to ask

“What tax cheats?” 

Malkin explains that Tom Daschle was a “revolving door lobbyist” who failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Another tax cheat that could have been pointed out was Tim Geithner, who although being delinquent and owing personal back taxes, was nominated to become America’s 75th Secretary of the Treasury.

It was a part of Geithner’s job, a tax cheat, to make sure that you paid all of the taxes that you may owe the federal government.

Unhappy with the Obama administration being pointed out as being corrupt, Behar interrupts again, and says,

“There was nothing like that in the Bush administration?” 

Malkin says that there was, and she covered corruption on the Bush administration at the time.

She then scored the match point when she said,

“Guess what, news flash, George W. Bush is not in office anymore.

It’s time for the American public to reckon with the fact that what they were sold was a huge bill of goods.” 

Joy Behar, at this point in the argument, seems to have reverted to having the simple mind of a five year old who just keeps asking, “why?” “why?” “why?” Behar asks,

“In what way?” 

Malkin counters with,

“Did you read the book?” 

Behar says that she read “some of it” which, judging by her interview so far, means “I read the back cover.”

The entire segment is demonstrative of how hostile, angry, and ignorant the most fanatic Liberals are, and the way in which they cannot even seem to function like a normal human being when confronted with suggestion that one of their Progressive heroes is corrupt.

For a Liberal, they are secure in their knowledge, and are unwilling to even contemplate the idea that the political beliefs that they hold are false.

Watch the exchange below for a good laugh.

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