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Video – The Privilege Game

Neel Kolhatkar has released a video that takes down the idea of “privilege” in society.

It’s called, The Privilege Game, and it features four players of varying races, genders, religions, and sexual orientations who try to use their identifying characteristics to move up the success ladder while, at the same time, tearing down their fellow players.

Take a look at it and see what you think:

In the world of politics, there is a big push to focus, first and foremost, on the identities of the population.

It’s the most effective method of mobilizing large swaths of people to a particular politician’s cause.

Take abortion as an example. The argument of abortion should focus on the exact point at which a fetus is considered to be a human being. Is it at the point of conception? Is it a time frame during the first, second, or third trimesters? Is it when the fetus exhibits a physical characteristic, such as a heartbeat or has a developed nervous system?

These are the questions that should be asked in order to come to a reasonable solution on the matter of abortion.

However, the Left is very well versed in the idea of identity politics, and can turn any issue into an issue of victim-hood for one particular group or another.

In the case of abortion, the Left has made the argument that the fetus is not even relevant to the issue. Instead, the entire matter is a “women’s rights” agenda. Their contention is that, while the fetus is completely dependent on the mother for its survival, it is the mother’s right to kill it if she so chooses.

It should be pointed out that this argument is not too far off from the idea that society can euthanize those who are disabled or infirm. It might sound outrageous now, but keep in mind that we are already at the point where politicians are openly voting for measures that would ensure the death of babies who survive botched abortions. This blatant policy of infanticide was considered abhorrent a mere ten years ago.

Ten years from now, we may see this same ideology passing legislation that allows the “compassionate” euthanization of the elderly and the disabled. It should be noted that there is a historical presedence for this as well. In 1939 the Nazis began their extermination agenda with “Baby K” (Gerhard Kretschmar). The child’s parents petitioned Hitler to kill their baby who had been born blind and deformed. It was a “mercy killing” because they thought the child would not have any quality of life. Pretty soon, the State was making that decision for other children before setting their sites on adults themselves.

It’s not unreasonable that the Left could one day take the current idea of infanticide to its logical conclusion. That is to say that they make the argument for eliminating the “undesirables” in society. For the greater good, of course.

The Left can get away with these extremist positions because they claim to be fighting moral battles on behalf of one group or another. Their battle to kill babies, born and unborn, is their fight for women’s rights.

It’s why identity politics and the concept of privilege will always be a dangerous ideology to follow.

America was made exceptional because it celebrated the individual over the collective. Every person matters and every person has the opportunity, through their own personal efforts, to succeed or fail.

Identity politics destroys that. It destroys the concept of individualism and instead lumps people into categories. It tells people why they cannot make it in life. It’s not their poor decisions or unfortunate circumstances, it’s because another group is keeping them down. It’s an ideology that needs to be fought against whenever it pops its ugly head.

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