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[VIDEO] Rand Paul Calls On FBI To Look Into How Rioters Are Being Funded

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has called upon FBI Director Christopher Wray to look into investigating the source of funding that is subsidizing the lifestyles of the “mostly peaceful” rioters.

Paul pointed out that some members of the mob that swarmed him in the capital were staying in nearby hotels that ran for $500 a night and that other protesters have been arrested dozens of times in cities across the country.

In Louisville, a U-Haul truck loaded with signs, shields, and improvised weapons parked was seen ahead of a Black Lives Matter march. Participants seemed to know exactly what to do and began unloading the truck with a practiced ease.

It is clear that the violent protesters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter are receiving money and supplies from somewhere, but the question is, from where and by whom?

You can check out Rand Paul’s comments below:


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