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[VIDEO] Students Think Biden, Not Trump, Deserves Hispanic Vote In Florida

If you ever need evidence of how broken the education system in America is, simply have a conversation about politics with your average college student. Many of them will be so certain about what they believe, but they will often times find it difficult to explain why they believe these things.

The critical thinking portion of their arguments are lacking and it seems as though they have given very little thought as to how they came to their conclusions.

Campus Reform took to the streets to ask students which presidential candidate was more deserving of the Hispanic vote in Florida.

Unsurprisingly, those that appear in this video all say that it is Biden who is more deserving. Yet when probed further, they cannot explain why with any concrete reasons. Their explanations sound like the parroting of vague talking points that they may have heard from pundits in the Mainstream Media:

“Not Trump considering the history he has had with Hispanics and, just, in general with People of Color or anyone that is not benefiting from Capitalism.”

Check out the video below:

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