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[VIDEO] Taliban Snipers Take Shots At American Troops And It Turns Out To Be The Last Mistake They’ll Ever Make

An exchange in firepower between Taliban forces and American troops was captured on video, and has gone viral.

It’s not often that civilians get to an inside look at the American military flexing its muscles.

One could easily argue that Hollywood has made some pretty ambitious and often times expensive attempts at trying to recreate battles and warfare, to sort of give the viewer an idea of what being in the middle of a combat situation is like.

However, Hollywood is notorious for exaggerating or romanticizing what actually happens on the battlefield.

Script writers are also known for taking many artistic liberties with their work.

For example, in real life, there isn’t a powerfully moving orchestra, playing in the background, as allies and enemies are attacking each other in slow motion.

Nor are there five minute long eloquent and moving speeches that a wounded soldier might give to his brothers in arms, as bullets are flying overhead, before he slowly and quietly lowers his head and expires.

There’s nothing really romantic or good about warfare, as its sole purpose is to kill the bad guys and/or break their things.

Yet it is still necessary to keep the bad guys in check. Some people, like 3rd world dictators and radical Islamic terrorists, only respond well to demonstrations of force rather than speeches given by Nobel Peace Prize winning community organizers.

The following video has actual footage from a war zone in which three Taliban soldiers were discovered hiding along a hillside. The three enemies were attempting to fire down on American troops with sniper rifles.

The video appeared on the Battle YouTube Channel, and has garnered more than 12 million views since 2015, when it was first uploaded.

In the video, the American troops are examining a hillside when one soldier notices some movement, and determines it to be three men.

It’s shortly after this pronouncement, in the video, that the buzzing of a bullet can be heard whizzing into the soldiers’ midst.

The American troops were able to recover the bullet, and explained that if a bullet makes a buzzing sound, you know it is close.

In response, an American gunner begins firing into the hill, wounds one of the enemy combatants, but the other shots start to fall short of hitting their marks.

The enemy has the high ground, and the American troops decide that they need to try a different tactic to be successful in this skirmish with the enemy.

An airstrike is called in, and a short time later, the enemy finds their hiding place becoming engulfed in flames.

As we said above, there is nothing positive about warfare, but it is a necessary evil.

Lt Col Joel Vowell says,

“That will teach them to shoot at my soldiers.” 

You can watch the video below.

Viewer discretion is definitely advised on this one because there is some violence and salty language.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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