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[VIDEO] Ted Cruz To Chris Cuomo: “Donald Trump Broke You Guys”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made an appearance on CNN and the exchange between he and Chris Cuomo was nothing short of fiery. Let’s be clear, though. When we say the word “fiery,” we are merely talking about a heated debate. We are not referring to the Antifa riots where buildings are literally burning in the background as CNN reports on the “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.”

During the interview, Cuomo repeatedly cut off Ted Cruz mid sentence, which is an interesting tactic to take for an interviewer.

Most people would assume that one would ask a question and the interviewee would respond with an answer. CNN has take a different approach by asking a question and then cutting off the interviewee before they are able to articulate a complete thought.

At one point, Cruz tells Cuomo,

“Donald Trump broke you guys. Your entire show- your entire network now is just how much you hate Trump.” 

Check out the interview below:

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