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[VIDEO] Ted Cruz Grills Comey: “You Were Deliberately Corrupt Or Woefully Incompetent… And I Don’t Believe You Were Incompetent”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) ripped into former Director of the FBI James Comey over his handling of the Russian investigation. Comey appeared before a Senate committee in which he testified that the FBI conducted their business in an open and honest way.

Cruz then asks Comey if altering a document used as evidence to make that document say the opposite of what it originally said was “open and honest.” Comey then accuses Cruz of mischaracterizing the analysis of the Horowitz Report that chronicled the altering of evidence at the hands of Comey’s FBI, and Cruz proceeded to read directly from the report that backed up his claim.

It was all downhill from there as Comey came down with a bad case of the “I don’t recalls” and “I don’t remembers” when asked about how the FBI was running things under his charge.

Cruz: “You were deliberately corrupt or woefully incompetent… and I don’t believe you were incompetent.”

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