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Viral Video Shows That Racists And The Woke Crowd Are Basically The Same

Comedians, take note. This is how you do comedy.

Comedy is not selectively editing video footage to make those who disagree with you seem heartless and cruel.

Comedy is not calling the daughter of presidents “feckless c***s.”

Comedy is not a White House Communications Director praising Mother Teresa and Mao Zedong in the same breath.

Comedy is not a White House placing Mao Zedong Christmas ornaments on the official White House Christmas Tree.

Comedy is not a White House Press Secretary decorating his personal residence with propaganda posters from a Communist regime.

Comedy is not using a House Intelligence Committee to intentionally make up the words a president used during a phone call in a blatant attempt to deceive the American people.

Comedy is not creating an extremely racist and highly highly offensive anti-White video that is, ironically, titled “Geography for racist people.”

Comedy is not an hour long monologue about how filthy, disgusting, and unwashed you and your lady parts are.

Outside of the members of the radical Left, none of the above examples are instances of comedy. Though they are touted as jokes and often times go viral, there is nothing really funny about them.

But while the Left is creating their racist, bitter, pro-mass murdering Communist, unhygienic, and downright awful examples of “comedy,” others are actually creating brilliant and topical comedy skits that will have your rolling on the floor with laughter.

Comedian Ryan Long has created the perfect video that shows the obvious correlation between “going woke” and “racism.”

Though the Left likes to pretend their crusade for social justice is entirely about fairness and equality, the truth of the matter is that their solutions as well as their opinions are actually racist in nature.

Take a look at the video below and see what you think:

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