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#Walkaway Is Sweeping The Nation

A new movement is spreading across the nation, as former Liberals, Progressives, and in-general Leftists are abandoning the Democratic Party after realizing what it has become.

If you were to sustain yourself on a steady news-diet from the Democratic Party leadership and Mainstream Media outlets, you might think that the entire nation is sick and tired of the Trump administration and that the 45th president is, at any given moment, on the verge of creating a world-ending catastrophe.

On one day, according to the Left, Donald Trump’s “provocative rhetoric,” that calls the North Korean Supreme Leader “Rocket Man,” is going to put the United States on a direct pathway to nuclear war. These great minds are outraged that the president is using threats of force rather than diplomacy. Nuclear Winter is imminent with a “mad man,” who drinks twelve Diet Cokes each day, with his finger on the red button.

On another day, according to these great minds, President Trump is a wrong for using diplomacy and sitting down with Kim Jung Un. After the North Korean leader realized that Trump was not the all-talk-and-no-action-to-back-it-up American president that he may have become accustomed to dealing with, the Communist dictator agreed to not only meet with President Trump, but also made history by meeting with his South Korean counterpart.

2018 Summit/ Kim Jon Ung And Moon Jae-In Shaking Hands (Wiki Commons)

The meeting was historic, and President Trump was able to achieve what no American president was able to do.

The same could be said of other achievements and accomplishments that the Trump administration has been notching off its belt.

ISIS has lost over 90% of their captured territory in a single year after years of world-wide terror and being dismissed as a “jay-vee” team by the previous American administration.

The country is experiencing historically low unemployment numbers  and Americans are able to keep more of the money that they earn thanks to the Trump tax cuts. Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, have dismissed these tax savings as “crumbs.”

President Trump has pledged to enforce the immigration laws of the United States, and has pushed for a merit-based immigration system that brings in the best and brightest legal immigrants. The Democrats have called these ideas racist, have openly proclaimed the need for open borders, have called for the abolishment of ICE, and have taken actions to protect criminal illegal aliens. To be clear, when we say they are taking actions to protect criminal illegal aliens, we are talking about illegal aliens who are committing felonies while in the United States.

Democratic politicians are literally taking positions that put the needs of criminals, currently being sought by law enforcement, above American citizens and legal immigrants who follow the law.

Couple this with the pro-violent rhetoric Leftist community organizers are preaching to their followers, the periodic calls to assassinate the president from Leftist Hollywood celebrities, and the non-stop calls for impeachment from elected officials like Maxine Waters (who was calling for Trump’s impeachment prior to his inauguration), and you can clearly see that the Democratic Party, the Left, the Progressives, the Liberals, or whatever you would like to call them, have become a party of the unhinged.

Keeping all of this in mind, more and more former Democrats are waking up and realizing what the Left has become in modern America. The Democrat Party of JFK has long since died, and it has become a collection of angry, violent, Marxists and Socialists who are looking to fundamentally transform the United States into something that it was never intended to be.

A country where laws mean nothing, a country where the economy is stagnant, a country that does not stand against terrorist threats or fascist dictators, a country where election results are only accepted as long as they are the ones who win, and a country where the Democrats are guaranteed the reigns of power indefinitely. Possibly most importantly, the Democratic Party is seeking a country where free speech is only allowed when you agree with them. All other speech is racist and hate-mongering.

Former-Democrats are abandoning the Left in droves and their videos are going viral. Check some from the #walkaway movement below:








Update: Since the #walkaway movement began, there have been memes circulating that feature royalty-free stock photos of people supposedly saying that they have walked away from the Democratic Party.

Some on social media have used these memes to try to invalidate the #walkaway movement. However, it is unclear who produced the memes, where they originated, or what the intent was. It is just as possible that they were created, using obviously provable fake information, in order to say that the entire #walkaway movement is false. This would not be the first time that the Left has tried infiltrating an anti-Leftist movement or event to try to delegitimize its validity. Fact-checking website Snopes has been unable to verify the memes originators, but has pointed out that the #walkaway movement’s founder, Brandon Straka, has made it clear that they have no association with the movement.

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