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[WATCH] Violent Punk Breaks Down In Court After Realizing Actions Have Consequences

Years after the tragic murder of 20-year-old Porshia Lynn Brooks and attempted murder of her 21-year-old boyfriend, Aron Martin, justice was served to one of the three believed to have been responsible.

Yet the tough-guy charged with the serious crimes was not so tough when facing a judge who was handing down a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

When Jaleel Smith-Riley heard the verdict, he began to weep, and collapsed to the ground.

Authorities believe Smith-Riley was with two others when they came upon a parked car with Brooks and Martin inside.

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The three individuals robbed the couple at gun-point, but not finding anything, chose to execute the couple.

Each of the wounds were to the head, and Martin spent time in the ICU, but was able to recover from the incident.

Brooks spent the next few days in agony before finally succumbing to her injuries.

For years, the police hunted down the young woman’s killers, and the trail finally lead to Jaleel Smith-Riley.

Brook’s family told WLWT that they had been living through hell during that time, knowing that Porshia was gone, but not knowing who had taken her from them. Porshia’s mom, Sharon Brooks, said,

“It’s emotionally draining every day, you know, to sit there and think about my daughter not coming home.”

She said that one of the hardest parts was having the memories of her daughter, and knowing that there will be no more memories made in the future.

Jaleel Smith-Riley initially plead guilty to aggravated murder and attempted murder, but later changed his mind, and asked that the courts consider changing his plea to not-guilty.

The judge in the case decided not to allow Smith-Riley’s change of heart, and the punk will be spending the rest of his life behind bars.

When the sentence was handed down, and the convicted murderer discovered that he would likely never again walk as a free man, he looked upwards, and then collapsed to the ground.

Officers were there to hold Smith-Riley upright as the judge continued to reading the sentencing.

However, Smith-Riley seemed not to be listening as he let out a loud and piteous half-wail, half-groan.

Due to the attention that the case had generated, the entire courtroom exchange was captured on video, as well as the moment where Smith-Riley seems to realize that his life is essentially over.

You can watch the video of the emotional moment when Smith-Riley hears the verdict below:

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