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Young People Come Face To Face With The Fact That The Democrat Party Was The Party Of Slavery

Another eye-opening video from Campus Reform that once again demonstrates the dire state of the education system.

In this episode, young people at the beach were asked what they thought about reparations. Obviously, they are all in favor of such a proposal because it’s all about fairness and making amends. People who have never owned slaves in their lives should absolutely pay money to people who were never slaves in their life in order to make the world a happy-gumdrop lollipop place.

But it gets even better when these youths are asked what they thought about the Democrat Party paying the majority of the reparations bill. After all, it was the Democrats who seceded from the nation in order to start their own slave-owning country. It was the Democrats who refused to accept the election of Abraham Lincoln. It was the Democrats who enacted Jim Crow laws. It was the Democrats who started the KKK when they were thoroughly thumped in the Civil War.

Why should anybody but the Democrat Party pay more money when the unifying characteristic among slave owners was not their skin color, as there were black slave owners as well, but their political party affiliation?

Take a look at the video below:


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