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America’s Immigration Problem Explained With Gumballs

This video has been out for many years now, but it is worth revisiting considering what’s going on in the United States at the moment. The presenter is author and journalist Roy Beck.

America is currently dealing with an immigration problem in which hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across the southern border only to disappear into “the shadows” of the interior of the country.

Due to a lack of resources, those who are caught by border agents are simply claiming asylum and are then released into the interior of the country until their scheduled asylum hearing. The hearings are often years down the road and very few actually show up to court when they are told to do so.

As a result, America’s is essentially enforcing a catch-and-release policy with those who are sneaking into the country.

The United States is currently divided with how to solve this crisis. There are those on the Right, including President Donald Trump, who are pushing to enforce American immigration laws and send resources to the southern border to provide aid to border agents. The theory is that America is a nation that is founded on the rule of law and when the government refuses to enforce that law, or only enforces it selectively, the nation starts to fall apart.

Then there are those among the Left who are pushing for an open border policy in which anyone and everyone is welcomed into the country. The theory is that this is a push driven by compassion. Those who are crossing into the United States illegally are simply looking for a better life. The collateral damage from murderers, rapists, drug cartel members, human traffickers, and those infected with contagious diseases is a small price to pay to let someone fleeing their homeland for economic opportunities seek a better life for themselves and their families.

This video does a phenomenal job at explaining why opening the borders of the United States is not the best solution to solving the global problem of poverty.

The best solution, as Beck points out, is to help and encourage those seeking a better life to create real change within their own countries. Help them to make their countries as great as America and the steady flow of illegal immigrants into the country will slow down dramatically.

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