Babylon Bee CEO Testifies Before Congress

Babylon Bee CEO, Seth Dillon, was given a chance to share his thoughts about free speech and censorship during a House committee hearing. Babylon Bee is a Christian-based satirical site that pokes fun at a range of topics ranging from local prayer groups to national politics.

The site has found itself being shadow-banned and threatened with strikes from a Big Tech industry that does not care for the jokes it tells. The site finally ran afoul of Twitter’s censorship czars when it nominated Rachel Levin as its man of the year. The account was banned until billionaire tech wizard, Elon Musk, purchased Twitter and began purging the company of its most radical activists.

Here is Dillon’s opening statement:

The late, great Conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh used to repeatedly remark about how the Left does not have a sense of humor. This was always apparent when a joke was made, at their expense, and they wasted barrels of ink and hours of programming to express how outraged they were.

Yet it’s not entirely true that the Left cannot find anything funny.

For example, when Texas had its cold snap a few years back, and hundreds of thousands of Texans were facing life-threatening circumstances, the Left took to social media to laugh with glee at their fellow Americans’ plight. After all, they would argue, Texas is a Red state and those who were facing the risk of death were probably Republicans. The same celebrations occur any time a Republican National Convention and a major hurricane are set to happen in the same place and time.

Then there was the Left laughing about and celebrating the death of Rush Limbaugh himself. When the news broke that he had passed, Twitter was flooded with celebratory Tweets of glee and laughter.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even Joe Biden has demonstrated that he has a sense of humor. The Biden administration has a border crisis of epic proportions. Drugs, such as fentanyl, are flooding across the border and killing American citizens. Biden took a moment to remark about a grieving mother who lost her children to fentanyl. Biden’s response was to snicker and then say that the death occurred under a previous administration.

Oh, yes, the laughter cuts off and there is an awkward moment of silence when the audience realizes he went too far.

Biden also took the time, when he was scheduled to give a statement about the Nashville school shooting at the hands of a trans activist, to crack jokes about ice cream. Rather than beginning with a solemn statement of empathy and trying to give comfort to a grieving country, Biden thought it best to laugh about his favorite ice cream and how he was tricked in coming down because he was promised there would be ice cream there. That was bad enough, but then he became distracted when he saw some attractive children in the back of the room that he wanted a closer look at. He paused his speech to have them stand up. After his stand-up routine and his moment to ogle the kiddies, the president was finally ready to speak about the tragedy that he was supposed to be address in the first place.

While Rush Limbaugh might be partially correct, that the Left does not have a sense of humor, we do know, based on the evidence, that the Left at least finds death and misery visited upon their political enemies to be a humorous topic.

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