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Beatles Parody Takes On The Democrats’ Spread The Wealth Policies

Though he’s no longer in the running, the spirit of his ideas lives on as many of the policies of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders have been adopted by the Joe Biden campaign.

To be clear, the term “Democratic Socialist” literally only means a socialist who is elected through a democratic process. Much the same as the United States is a Democratic Republic. That doesn’t mean that the country is not a Republic, it only means that it is a Republic whose representatives are elected through the democratic process. It seems necessary to point this out each time we have to refer to Sanders as his preferred identity of ‘Democratic Socialist’ rather than the less ambiguous-sounding title of Socialist.

Comedian and political commentator Remy Munasifi has offered his take on the spread the wealth schemes thought up by the Left through the use of a Beatles parody. Check it out below:

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