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Biden Repeatedly Attacks Trump For Not Producing Vaccines Fast Enough

In what is likely to be a glimpse of what we can expect from the Biden Harris administration, Joe Biden offered a press briefing regarding COVID-19 that was almost embarrassing.

Through squinted eyes, Biden seemed to struggle with reading remarks that were prepared for him; stuttering and seemingly losing his place often.

His speech was filled with attacks against President Donald Trump, statements about people doing their “patriotic duty” to obey mandates from the State, lines about how hard it is for minorities in America, and the obligatory gaffes that are a feature of every Biden speech. At one point, he referred to Kamala Harris as the President-Elect.

Confusion, mentions of patriotism when it’s politically expedient, unfounded attacks against political rivals, and the promise of more government spending and even more dictatorial control from the State disguised as doing your civic duty. It’s pretty much everything you would expect from a Joe Biden speech.

Take a listen below and see what you think:


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