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Brian Stelter Melts Down Over Hunter Biden Email Scandal

CNN host Brian Stelter lost his cool in a major way during an interview with the Washington Examiner’s chief congressional correspondent, Susan Ferrechio.

Keep in mind that Stelter was among many in the national media who spent years covering the alleged Russian collusion stories. The narrative began with a phony piece of opposition research that was paid for by the DNC and the Hillary Campaign that was passed off as an “intelligence dossier.”

The narrative continued as the Mainstream Media produced an army of “anonymous sources” that could not be questioned or vetted because their identities were not revealed. Even when the information they provided was false, the media still protected their anonymous sources.

As the facts emerged, “Russiagate” fell apart, but only after three years of investigations and millions of taxpayer dollars squandered.

Fast forward to today and we have allegations of Joe Biden formerly using his position as vice president to get his family members no-bid government contracts and onto the boards of companies in fields of which they have no experience.

We have a laptop that contains emails that suggest that the Biden family was kicking back a part of their earnings to Joe.

We have a former business partner of Joe’s who is going on the record and verifying the above claims. Not an anonymous source, but an actual person with a name who can tell what they know under oath.

Yet despite all of this, despite the mountain of evidence pointing to corruption of the highest order, CNN, Stelter, and the rest of the major news outlets have shown a complete lack of interest in covering the Hunter email scandal compared to the hoax that was Russiagate.

Check out the interview below:

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