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Conservative Commentator FAILS To Find A Funny Joke Told By Feminist Comedian… Again

Conservative comedian and commentator Matt Walsh has once again taken the “try to laugh” challenge, which involves watching feminist comedians tell jokes and seeing if he can get them to elicit even a chuckle out of him. As happened when he watched bits from Samantha Bee, Hannah Gadsby, and Chelsea Handler, Walsh failed miserably in this task.

During this episode, Walsh watched clips from acclaimed Left-wing feminist comedian Lilly Singh.

If you are unfamiliar with Lilly Singh, she began with a YouTube channel in which she made overtly anti-white, anti-Republican, and anti-male jokes. These “jokes,” while overtly racist, surprisingly did not violate YouTube’s terms of service and you can still find her videos on the platform to this day.

One of her most popular videos was one called “Geography for racist people.”

You can see Steven Crowder’s take on that video below:

In any event, Matt Walsh took a crack at trying to crack a smile at one of Lily Singh’s jokes.

You can watch his attempts below, but keep in mind that it is quite depressing knowing that this feminist is what the Left finds simply hilarious:

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