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De Blasio Sending Authorities To People’s Homes To Ensure They Are Following Guidelines

Sometimes, it doesn’t feel as if we are still in the America that we all grew up in. That feeling is never felt more than listening to Mayor Bill de Blasio issuing his COVID restriction guidelines and promising to use the State to enforce “self-quarantines.”

During a press conference with the Mayor of New York City, de Blasio explained that people could still travel, if they absolutely must, but that they should avoid doing so if they don’t have to.

This, coming from the same mayor who celebrated the Black Lives Matter “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” in which tens of thousands gathered to launch shoulder to shoulder summer protests.

De Blasio took his edicts once step further by promising to send law enforcement to those self-quarantined to check up on them to make sure that they are still where they are supposed to be.

Take a listen below, and ask yourself if you ever thought you’d see the day when the transfer of power from the people to the State was ever more apparent:

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