“Here’s What The American People Know And Believe About The FBI Today, Sir…”

During a House Judiciary Hearing, Representative Wesley Hunt (R-TX) grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray over the alleged two tier system of justice that the American people are witnessing before their very eyes.

If you don’t recall, the FBI raided the home of President Donald Trump and the big news of the day was that the president had classified documents that he would not turn over in a timely manner and that there was a risk that he was going to sell those secrets to foreign entities.

The Left accused the president of wanting to sell State secrets for cash.

What the corporate media, and the Left in general, failed to recall, however, is that Donald Trump is a billionaire. Does anyone really believe that he would risk a lifetime in prison for the chance to make a couple million extra dollars by selling out the country that has given him everything?

Yet that was the narrative when the FBI chose to raid the compound at Mara Largo.

Flash forward to less than two weeks later and we suddenly find classified documents hidden away in Joe Biden’s former office. Then they found a stash of classified documents sitting in boxes in his garage. That would be the same garage that his drug-addicted son had access to.

Pretty soon, it was coming out that Joe Biden had been ferreting away State secrets all over the place. It’s fortunate for Joe Biden that China launched their spy balloon to take the attention off of him and his classified documents. It’s been hotly debated as to whether or not Donald Trump, as president, had the authority to declassify any documents he chose, but Joe Biden was a mere vice president when he was stashing State secrets. There’s not even any debate as to whether or not Joe should have been in possession of the classified secrets.

The reason why the American people largely mistrusts the DOJ and the FBI is for the very real double standards that are there for all to see. People went to prison for doing what Hillary Clinton did. Many more people went to prison for years for doing what Hunter Biden is on video doing. Some people have even had their houses raided for doing what Joe Biden did. Yet, according to FBI Director Wray, the FBI does not have any sort of two tiers of justice. According to him, everyone is treated equally under the law.

One of the most remarkable things about America, at least this used to be the case, is that everybody was treated equally under the law. It didn’t matter if your last name was Clinton or Biden. Justice used to be blind.

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