Incredible Transformation After Pet Groomers Get A Hold Of This Stray Dog

If you are looking for a feel good story of the day, we have one for you. No, this is not political in nature and no, this does not even pertain to the United States.

This is a story of Groom House in Novi Sad, a Serbian pet salon, whose good-hearted members took it upon themselves to rescue a dog having a pretty bad day.

In the viral video, you can see a dog sitting, alone, next to a gravel road. When the cameraman gets closer, the dog begins to walk away. The dog is clearly uncomfortable as there are piles of caked on dirt, debris, and even ticks throughout its coat.

Groom House takes the dog back to their place and begins the transformation process. The first step is to see what we are working with. The staff does a quick look over the dog to see where the problem areas are.

Next, it’s time for the clippers to do their work and piles of matted fur are quickly, but carefully, removed from the animal.

Once the bulk of the hair is gone, it’s time to give the dog a bath. It’s pretty amazing how patient and calm the stray dog stayed during this entire process.

The story ends with a happy ending when the dog is rehomed to a loving family who welcome him with open arms and a full dish of food.

It just goes to show you that there still is beauty in this world. Sure, the country might be run by a corrupt politician who can’t stop sniffing the kiddies and the corporate media does their best to cover up his failures and gaffs, but at least we can still come across videos like this that warm the heart and make you realize that we are not completely doomed.

You can check out the entire video below:

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