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Instant Karma: Three Arrested After Stalking And Harassing Trump Supporters

Three women have been arrested near Black Lives Matter Plaza during the ‘Million MAGA March’ after threatening people with tasers and stealing people’s hats.

In the video, we can see a group of MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters being stalked, heckled, and physically attacked by what certain Mainstream Media outlets might consider to be “mostly peaceful protesters.”

Several Trump supporters have their hats knocked off as they are stalked by the mob.

At one point in the video, you are able to see a man hand a woman a bottle containing a liquid that we might assume to be water (though we cannot say for certain). She takes the lid off of the bottle, begins walking quickly towards the Trump supporters, and only pulls back when she notices the police presence. Without drinking from the bottle, she then hands it off to someone else and we are left assuming that she was planning on dousing the pro-Trump group.


Remember when the Left was known for compassion and love?

Given incidents like this and the hundreds of others we’ve seen across the country, it would seem that it is pretty safe to say that the “party of peace” is now the “party of intolerance, hatred, and authoritarianism.” How else would you describe a mob of politically like-minded individuals who think violence is an appropriate response to someone voicing a different opinion?

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