Joe Biden Falls At Graduation Event

The leader of the Free World has once again taken a tumble in a public appearance with staffers quickly rushing to his aid.

After handing out diplomas at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado Springs, President Biden can be seen falling forward to the ground. He was quickly helped to his feet and escorted to his chair as the next speaker took the podium.

It has long been noted that Joe Biden has been having trouble with his body and some have pointed out that it is getting close to elder abuse to keep trotting him out to stumble his way through the remarks that his handlers have prepared him for.

It really begs the question, “How can we expect him to run the most powerful country in the world when he can barely walk?”

In any case, here is a compilation of Joe Biden tripping and falling, at various locations across the world, topped off with him kissing the floor during the Air Force Academy graduation. This video was created by Don’t Walk, Run! Productions.

It’s important to note that we are not taking this opportunity to take mean-spirited shots at an elderly American, but instead pointing out how terrible the Democrat Party is for continuously putting forth politicians who should be at home resting or recovering rather than making public appearances.

When the President of the United States can rarely remember which state he is in and is shaking hands with people who are not there, it begs the question about who is actually running the country.

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