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Kamala Harris Refuses To Answer Whether Or Not A Harris-Biden Administration Will Pack The SCOTUS

America still can’t get a straight answer as to whether or not Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, if elected to the office of the presidency and vice-presidency, will add additional members to the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden was asked a direct question during the first presidential debate against Donald Trump and Kamala Harris was specifically asked during the vice presidential debate.

Neither of them will answer that very direct and very specific question. Many are taking that as an indication that the two plan on packing the court with Left-leaning ideologues over constitutionalists, but their avoidance allows them the wiggle room to deny that that is their plan until after the election.

Check out Kamala Harris put so much effort into avoiding a question that really only requires a yes or no answer:

It doesn’t look like “transparency” is going to be much of a concern for a Harris-Biden administration.

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