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Major Freak-Out: Woman Goes Berserk When Her Car Is Listed As Stolen

As the Left calls for the police to be defunded and outright abolished, it’s sometimes a good thing to remember that the men and women in Blue put up with a lot during their day-to-day routines.

Sometimes it can be a day of boring traffic stops and paperwork, sometimes it can be a high-stakes shootout with criminals, and sometimes it can be trying to deal with ignorant and entitled individuals who think everything bad that happens to them is because of their skin color.

In the video below, officers have pulled over a car that is not only reported as stolen, but is also reported as having been used in a drive-by shooting.

Rather than calmly speaking to the officers and trying to resolve the possible misunderstanding like a rational adult, this driver screams in their faces, curses at them, and tries to drive off.

Take a look at this woman’s rampage below:


It’s often said, and yet still not said enough, that many of the police involved shootings could have been avoided if the victims had simply complied with the officers.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the above video demonstrates just how quickly a situation can escalate from 0 to 100.

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Had the woman remained calm, the situation would have likely been resolved in a few minutes and she could have been on her way.

Even if you are absolutely certain of your innocence, it’s always going to be better to follow the instructions of the officer and then plead your innocence when you have your day in court. 

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