Matt Walsh: Kidults “May Be Destroying Society But They Are Doing Wonders For The Toy Industry”

Conservative Commentator, Matt Walsh, gave his deadpan take on the growing demographic of adults who continue to purchase and play with toys meant for children.

“God help us all.”

During his Daily Wire podcast, Walsh delved into a story about a study from a research group that discovered that “kidults” (a combination of the words kid and adult) make up nearly a quarter of the total toys sales.

“I hate to be the barer of bad news here,” Walsh said, “But this is not a sign of a healthy society.”

Walsh went on to compare an adult playing video games is now considered to be the equivalent of a man in his study, reading a leather-bound book, and smoking his pipe.

Walsh, who has previously taken issue with recreational activities including watching comic book movies and, more recently, anime, noted that the fact that adults are spending their days playing with toys, streaming shows and movies, and playing video games is an unhealthy sign.

“Your society is not in tip top shape when your adults are spending billions of dollars on children’s toys.”

While Walsh seems certain of his opinions about today’s adults playing with toys, the members of the Sweet Baby Gang (Walsh’s fan club) voiced their disagreement.

Some pointed out that buying toys was merely an act of nostalgia. The toys are something from their childhood and, although they do not play with them, they feel happy seeing them on their shelves.

Others commented that not everyone was born in a household with a mother and a father. Some grew up in single-parent homes where things were tough, and toys provided an outlet of escapism during a difficult time in their life.

Still others commented that life just sucks in general and that they need to find happiness where they can find it.

Where do you fall in on the issue? Do you think adults should be playing with toys?

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