[OUTRAGEOUS] How Not To Act When Detained By The Police

Though only 18 years old, and technically an adult in the eyes of the law, this young woman learns a couple hard lessons in this video involving not hanging out with criminals and not keeping drug paraphernalia at your parents’ house.


Just a couple things to note about this video. There are two occupants in this vehicle that officers need to handle. The first is a gentleman who has warrants out for his arrest.
Because of this, officers detain and arrest him. While he is sitting in the back of the squad car, he begins to demand to know why he is being arrested.

The officer calmly replies that it is because of his outstanding warrants.

The individual then begins to insinuate that he is only being arrested because the police were racist.

If there is one excuse that has worn out its welcome over the last ten years or so, it’s the excuse that everything bad that happens is because of someone’s race.

If the fast food restaurant put onions on my burger when I specifically asked for no onions, it must be because of racism.

If I didn’t get a promotion at work when I was one of twenty five people seeking that position, it must be because of racism.

If my local grocery store runs out of my favorite flavor of soda, it must be because of racism.

If the white Washington outsider beats the white, corrupt career politician, it must be because of racism.

The accusation floats so freely from people’s lips that it has almost lost any meaning.

It’s no surprise that this is the go-to response for some as the corporate media has been declaring the United States to be the most racist country in the world for years now. If you were to believe CNN and MSNBC during the Obama and the Trump years, you might think that there are millions of KKK members swarming the country and ready to pounce rather than the ten thousand or so active members who march around in their bedsheets in a town square once in a while.

Things have been so bad over the years the Chris Matthews once proclaimed the word Chicago to be racist.

If you need further proof about how absolutely racist this country is, just ask Jussie Smollett when he took his trip through Chicago’s famous Maga country.

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