Ron DeSantis Calls Out Soros-Funded Prosecutor

Governor Ron DeSantis had some strong words to say about District Attorney Alvin Bragg. According to the Florida Governor, Bragg is a prosecutor who was funded by George Soros and who ran on a platform of being light on crime.

Bragg has entered a position of controversy as he has issued an indictment against President Donald Trump. For many on the Left, this is seen as a good thing because they believe in the ends justifying the means. Destroy the enemy at all costs. For the Right, this is a sign of a country in crisis.

Check out his comments below:

If you were to examine the fall of countries over time, you would notice several signs of decline that occur right before the collapse. Sometimes, there is massive printing of currency to the point where hyper-inflation hits and it takes trillions of units of currency to purchase a loaf of bread. We saw this in the Weimar Republic and the Socialist utopia of Venezuela.

Sometimes, the ruling party weaponizes the government and uses that power to go after their political enemies. Politicians and journalists are arrested. The Banana Republic was big on this.

Sometimes you will find that the media is an accomplice in the helping a political party gain absolute rule. In the United States, we have a Big Tech industry, a corporate media, and a fact-checking conglomerate who decide what can and cannot be said, whether the information is true or not. Remember, it was a bannable offense to suggest that COVID came from the Wuhan Lab or that the virus may have been the result of gain-of-function research. All of the establishment media, in conjunction with the Biden administration, decided what could or could not be said on the issue. Even suggesting that masks were useless against the virus could result in your social media accounts being banned. Yet here we are, years later, and it would seem that all of the things that the Left deemed to be false just a couple years ago are now facts. Whatever happened to Biden and Fauci’s mask mandates? Remember when you were “killing grandma” for not wearing your mask? The Left just decided that masks were no longer necessary and that was the end of that.

Sometimes you will find a country fall at the hands of a violent uprising of the people. The “Arab Spring,” cheered on by the Democrats of the Obama administration, was a wide-sweeping uprising that effected multiple Middle Eastern countries and overthrew multiple world leaders. In the United States, we saw “mostly peaceful” Left-wing Antifa terrorists wreaking havoc on American cities during the Left’s “Summer of Love.”

Whatever the case may be, outside of an outright invasion, the fall of every country is going to happen due to corruption from within. People in positions of power who enrich themselves at the expense of the people. People in positions of power who care more about having absolute authority over as much as possible rather than risk the people living lives of freedom.

What do you think? Is the US close to collapse? Is there any hope for someone to come in and change the country’s course? Or do you think the country is doing just fine and there is no risk of danger on the horizon?

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