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Students Say Successful Women Should Be Celebrated… Except When It Comes To ACB

Campus reform took to the streets to see what college students think about the idea of a successful woman.

Of course, they agree that such a woman should be celebrated.

However, what happens when they are asked about a woman who has a long and established career of being successful and competent at the same time that she is raising seven children with her husband BUT who may hold the value that unborn children should not be murdered?

Take a look below and ask yourself if this is a case of misplaced priorities or simply another instance of double standards.

For years, the Left has taken the position that identity is more important than competence or content of character. Unfortunately for them, though many have a difficult time grasping this concept, thinking someone is better or worse based solely on their race, gender, or sexual orientation is itself a form of bigotry.

Yet their vicious attacks on Amy Coney Barrett exposed that the Left is only interested in diversity when it serves to secure power for themselves.

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