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Things Escalate Quickly When Woman Refuses To Comply With Police Orders

An Oklahoma woman is facing one felony charge for assaulting a police officer and one misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest after refusing to follow simple instructions during a routine traffic stop.

KOCO-TV News reports that 65-year-old Debra Hamil was pulled over after a police officer noticed a non-functioning taillight on her vehicle.

The subsequent exchange was caught on body-cam and begins with the officer asking Hamil to sign an $80 ticket that he was issuing.

The driver is indignant that she is being issued a ticket rather than a warning and the officer reminds her that she has been driving around with the broken taillight for 6 months.

The viewers are left to assume that Hamil admitted to this fact because she explained that point with, “I’m truthful.”

She then tells the officer that she will not sign the paper because she doesn’t think she deserves it for something that is easily fixable.

The officer then asks her to step out of the car, explaining to the driver that she is under arrest. Hamil responded with the only response that a rational individual could give,

“No, I’m not.” 

Who could argue with such and iron-clad defense? Why wouldn’t an officer immediately accept such a declaration, apologize, and walk away?

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Next, Hamil rolls up the window, with the door locked, but then rolls the window down a bit to offer her second solid defense,

“You be fair with me, and I’ll be fair with you.” 

Boom! What prosecutor in the world could argue with that defense?

The video continues with the officer demanding that she step out of her vehicle because she was under arrest.

The driver then tells the officer to ‘shut up’ and agrees to sign the ticket. However, the officer tells her,

“We’re beyond that.” 

Hamil then rolls up the window and drives off with the officer in pursuit.

The chase ends with the officer, gun drawn and aimed at Hamil’s vehicle, demanding that she get out of the car.

She opens the door and the officer pulls her to the ground where he tries to handcuff her. She resists, yet again, and the officer tasers her.

The video ends with a 65-year-old woman lying face-down on a gravel parking lot, being helped to her feet, and then being placed into the back of a police cruiser.

The moral of the story is the same moral that we have seen, time and time again, in America. Listen to the instructions given by the police, respect that they have a job to do, and you will avoid finding yourself facing a felony charge of assaulting a police officer and a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest.

Source: KOCO-TV News


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