Time Magazine Gets Roasted For Equating Exercise To White Supremacy

The list of things in modern America that are racist or hold their roots in racism or white supremacy is such an ever-growing thing that you can actually make a game out of it on the Google search bar. Simply ask Google, “Is (fill in the blank) racist?”

You might be surprised to find out that everything from breathing to outer space to mathematics is racist.

Yet Time Magazine has added another entry into that colossal list. Exercise is now racist and holds its roots in white supremacy.

According to the article, which was ratioed to the point of having a few hundred likes compared to a few hundred thousand comments, getting into shape is very racist because of this logic:

There was a time in American history when the Democrat Party was forced to give up their slaves and to integrate Black people into society. Out of fear that Black people would outnumber them, Time argues, white people decided they needed to breed quicker and with more abundance. In order to do so, they needed healthier women and so exercise was just what the doctor ordered.

You see, exercise isn’t just something we did to stay healthy, it’s just something that 20th century white Americans came up with in order to keep Black people down.

If that seems convoluted and doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry, because they go on to say that exercise is also racist because it’s not always safe for Black people to go running because people think they are committing crimes when they see them jogging down the road.

That’s right. Time Magazine thinks that people will assume Black people are committing crimes if they are seen outside and jogging.

As you can imagine, the backlash against this article was swift and severe.

@FozzmanCometh said, “Gonna wake up early tomorrow and get a good white supremacy session in before work. I believe it’ll be chest and core day.”

@6igantuar mocked the premise by saying, “The only reason I exercise is because I hate non-whites.”

@hodgetwins suggested the article would be better suited as satire, “Paging @TheBabylonBee, they are stealing your content”

@JSokaza included a meme that said, “If you still believe what the Mainstream Media tells you, raise your hand. Now slap yourself with it.”

@sir_micks_alot simply accused the corporate press of being the enemy of the people.

@BellaSooza said, “Wow, you guys are all-in on the ‘whites are the devil’ narrative, aren’t you?”

The list continues, but we feel that we should add our own here as well. While Time Magazine seems to think exercise began during 20th century America, and that it was just a form of white supremacy and oppression to keep minorities down, it’s a fun fact that the Olympics is a competition of athletes whose origins are traced back to Ancient Greece.

We would hope that Time Magazine feels a little bit embarrassed for their in-depth expose on how exercise is racist, but we know the corporate media has no shame and does not apologize when they get something wrong.

Source: https://time.com/6242949/exercise-industry-white-supremacy/

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