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[VIDEO] Trump Exposes Biden And Harris On The Big Screens

Reason number 341,569 to love this president of the United States happened at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania where he called out Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for their previous positions to ban fracking.

Now keep in mind that multiple “fact-checking” organizations have rated this claim to be false. Sure, Biden said he would eliminate fracking, but his campaign “clarified” that what he meant to say was no new fracking.

Take a look at Donald Trump playing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ own words on the subject and try to determine if it sounds like they are talking about no new fracking or if they are talking about ending fracking altogether.

It’s not a good sign for the Democrats when their presidential candidate keeps saying things that his campaign has to later come out to denounce and say that he meant to say something entirely different. How is that going to work with foreign policy? Will Joe Biden make agreements with foreign leaders and then his ‘handlers’ will later say those agreements are null and void because Joe meant to agree to something entirely?

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