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[VIDEO] Biden Laughs Off Corruption Allegations

Joe Biden laughed off a reporter’s question about the Biden family corruption scandal, stemming from information obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop and verified by his former business partner Tony Bobulinski.

It happened at the tail end of a press conference when a Fox News reporter asked Biden a question about his son. Biden was moving off stage when he stopped, turned, and said,

“Yes, yes, yes. God love ya’ man. You’re a one horse pony.” 

Biden then promised that his DOJ would independently look into the allegations.

It’s good to know that Joe Biden will be using his Department of Justice to investigate the potential corruption that both he and his son are alleged to have engaged in. It’s not as if he was previously the vice president of an administration that was having secret meetings between the Attorney General and a former president whose wife was under federal investigations or a part of an administration whose Attorney General referred to himself as the president’s “wing man…”


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