[VIDEO] FBI Director Gets Grilled Over American People’s Mistrust Of His Agency

During a House Judiciary Hearing, Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray about the American’ people’s decreasing confidence in the FBI.

There is a common expression that ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.’ That expression seems very applicable in this situation as Wray is confronted with multiple accusations about the FBI that are backed up by facts. Rep. Johnson even brings up a court case that issued an injunction against the FBI and ordered them to no longer collude with the Biden administration to censor the American people’s Free Speech.

Despite the mounting evidence presented before him, Wray continues to deny that these accusations have any merit.

The entire exchange can be heard below:

Thomas Jefferson once said,

“When once a Republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil.”

If it turns out to be true, as all of the evidence provided so far seem to suggest, that the FBI is corrupt and working on behalf of the Democrat Party and their interests, the obvious question is going to be what to do about it.

How deep is the corruption? Is it merely those at the top or does it go all the way to the bottom? Will replacing the leadership solve the problem or is it a culture within the agency that will guarantee the corruption will continue even after management is replaced? Should the entire agency be defunded?

There are many who believe the FBI cannot be trusted anymore. Their involvement with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret bathroom server and their involvement with the coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story suggests that they cannot be trusted to be objective. In one case, they literally allowed Hillary Clinton and her staff to take hammers to laptops and phones to destroy evidence. In the other investigation, the FBI contacted social media platforms to ensure the Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed on the grounds that it was Russian disinformation.

But those are just two instances of bias.

In 2019, the FBI raided Epstein’s island. They took out computer hard drives, boxes of evidence, and reportedly may have gained access to a safe on the premises.

In all the years since that raid, with all the evidence that they are sitting on, how many rich and powerful people have been implicated in Epstein’s child sex-trafficking operation? Supposedly, every guest room within the complex was bugged with audio and video recording equipment. It would seem that the FBI should know who Epstein’s clients are. Why have no clients been named or prosecuted?

If it was Donald Trump or some other Republican, you better believe your bottom dollar that you would have heard about it by now. Yet the silence over the matter is absolutely deafening.

What do you think is the case? Is the FBI protecting somebody that they are politically aligned with or did their raid on the Epstein compound come up with absolutely no leads? Given with how hard the FBI has worked in protecting Democrats and attacking their political opponents over the last ten years, what seems more probable to you?

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