[VIDEO] Why It’s NOT Okay To Say Cheese When Taking A Picture

Here’s a video created by comedian Troy Kinne that involves trying to take a picture of a bunch of woke adult-babies who are triggered when being told to say the word “Cheese” after asking a stranger to take their group photo.

It’s so sad that society really feels like this sometimes. Every day, we hear about how something or another is offensive.

It doesn’t matter what you say online, someone is going to disagree with it and someone is going to be offended by it.

In fact, it seems like there is even a competition going where people are trying to prove that they are a member of the most offended group or the most victimized group.

If the local fast-food joint down the street forgot to put pickles on someone’s burger, it’s because of racism, sexism, homophobia, fatphobia, misogyny, or some other term that means the act itself was out of a dislike for one group or another.

The question is, where did this mentality come from?

Is this a result of the “everybody gets a trophy” generation that feels entitled to everything at all times even to the point of feeling entitled to complain and whine about every little thing?

Is this the result of social media amplifying and giving a voice to every single person on the planet and giving them the ability to anonymously scream, yell, and complain at any other person on the planet no matter where they are?

Whatever the cause, the fact that we are expected to walk on eggshells (oops- sorry vegans) so-as not to offend or trigger any one person or group is making it more difficult to traverse the roads of life.

What do you think is causing all of this?

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