[VIDEO] Package Thieves Are Introduced To Karma In A Big Way

Here is a video montage of package thieves getting a little bit of instant Karma, and it’s pretty satisfying.

Most likely, we have all been victims of this crime at one point or another. In some cases, we have been victims more than once.

You might be ordering a time-sensitive Birthday gift for someone you care about or even getting something for yourself. Maybe there was that book that you were anxious to read or a new movie that you were excited to watch with your hubby.

Yet, when you get home from a long day of work, and you see that the package is not on your front porch when Amazon said it would be, you begin to get that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach.

Was the delivery delayed? Nope. The tracking said it was delivered four hours ago. Did the delivery driver drop it off at the wrong address? You walk around your neighborhood for a bit and, as innocently looking as you can make yourself appear to be, check other people’s doorsteps but see nothing addressed to you.

Did somebody come by and take it? If you are fortunate enough to have installed a front door camera, this is an easy thing to find out. Most cameras have a motion sensing trigger that cuts down on the amount of video you need to review to find a certain moment.

There is the delivery driver, smiling and whistling as they drop off the package… and the next clip shows a car pulling up to the curb and a stranger gets out. They walk, nonchalantly, up to your door, grab your package, and slowly make their way to their car and drive off.

It really is a crappy feeling and it leaves you with the thought, “What the hell is this world coming to? What are they going to do with the cheese grater or shoes in my size that I ordered?”

You really shouldn’t find enjoyment over someone getting a dose of Karma, but for package thieves, it’s hard not to. Here’s some more for your enjoyment:

Hope these videos of thieves getting a dose of Karma made your day a little bit.

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