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[VIDEO] Salon Owner Responds To Accusations From Pelosi That She Was Set Up

A salon owner is speaking out against the Speaker of the House after Nancy Pelosi accused her of engaging in a “set-up.”

At a time when salon owners were being forced by Democrats to close their businesses over COVID-19 concerns, Nancy Pelosi made a special visit to eSalon to get her hair done. According to a statement released from her office, this was after her personal hairdresser was unable to make a visit to her San Francisco home.

When called out for the hypocrisy, Pelosi accused the salon owner of setting her up. One of the most amazing things about watching Pelosi’s decades of “public service” in Congress is her incredible ability to always shift the blame to someone else and never take responsibility for her own actions.

Salon owner Erica Kious called the accusation “a slap in the face.” She appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to speak out against the Speaker’s claims.

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