WHOOPS! Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop

A 19-year-old man was pulled over and charged for impersonating an officer after he tried pulling over a car that happened to contain an off-duty cop.

Special thanks to Code Blue Cam for providing this video.

The world can sometimes be a very scary place. Despite the Left telling us there is absolutely no difference between men and women other than their self-identity claims, the world can be even scarier for a young woman driving alone at night.

In 2021, 33-year-old Sarah Everard was walking along a road, at night, when she was abducted by an off duty Metropolitan Police constable.
The constable handcuffed Everard, allegedly claimed that she had violated COVID-lockdown orders, demanded she get into the back of his vehicle, and then drove to a secluded area where he raped and murdered her.

The officer was later identified as 48-year-old Wayne Couzens. He plead guilty to the charges of rape and murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Couzens is just one of the many cases around the world, where either officers used their positions to prey on the vulnerable, or where citizens pretend to be officers in order to prey on the vulnerable.

True, in the above video it might seem like this is just a young kid who is doing something extremely stupid. He says so himself that his actions are stupid. This encounter with the police might be enough to set him straight in life.

However, it is also just as important to treat the matter as if it was potentially something much more serious. The comments section of the video are filled with concerned citizens who suspect he was just waiting for the right person to pull over. We simply do not know what his intentions were, despite his claims that they were innocent and he was just out having a bit of fun.

All of this is to say that, if you are a young woman who frequently drives alone at night, always be aware of your surroundings and know what your rights are if you are pulled over. Do you need to contact 911 to verify that the officer making the stop is legitimate? Do you need to put on your hazards and wait to pull over until you are in a better lit area as opposed to a deserted road in the middle of nowhere? These are questions that you should know the answer to as it is better to be safe than sorry.

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